Super Bowl Sunday

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The Super Bowl is over. But for two weeks, television focused on football and from every angle possible about what could happen in those four quarters. We all learn more about players and potential plays during those days than seems possible. We are also equally distracted by commercials and a halftime show with a megastar sharing a mix of all their greatest hits in history.

No doubt the game was exciting. It did come down to the last play and kept us on both sides rooting until the end. Sports hold our imagination and for four hours we know anything is possible. It’s a distraction from our lives of mundane madness. However, the real world could provide even more.

Think of all the resources we devote and couldn’t we do so much more with it to make a difference besides in our waste line and wallets but more important in our world. We could have a Super Bowl of Social Change or Super Planet featuring communities going up against amazing odds to just survive and see how we can be good sports and support such a showing. The world would be better and so would we.

Stunning statistics about how much we Americans eat during the Super Bowl. In fact, we eat so many chicken wings they could circle the circumference of the earth twice. Over 8 million pounds of guacamole is consumed and 4 million pizzas with all the toppings. And we wash it down with almost 50 million cases of beer sold just yesterday on Super Bowl Sunday. Even worse, we all go so sick, there’s a 20% spike in antacid. Wow. Think about how many children around the world we could feed so they could just live another day.

We also love to shop. We actually bought $1.5 million television sets during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. We also make the coolest ads ever sharing the secret of what we need for only $3.5 million per 30 second ad. We even gamble $10 billion. Let’s take a fraction of this for providing a foundation for fundamental freedom for everyone on earth. We can wager for better world with only a fraction of the cost for a scenario for social change even more compelling than a Tom Brady touchdown drive. We can make the challenges people face equally compelling to our moral imagination and what can be done together to change the conditions. We can see the smiles like those on the Giants for all their hard work and what they accomplished on women and children facing even more enormous odds.

We could also share this fever for football with the rest of the planet as we seek solutions and solve situations of severe despair, deprivation and destruction with super teams of humanity fighting for their rights and a better world.

Imagine the ads we could make that make social change compelling. If we put those creative minds making multi-million ads we could create a movement to make a difference and have change and maybe even some social change too.

Why can’t we devote all of those resources to Super Social Change or Planet. It would be one four hour program shining a light on all of the issues advocates and our atmosphere is facing. The challenges are definitely super and the individuals and the collective community are beyond super in their actions to for positive social change on the planet.

People could even become fans and support. There could even be Fantasy Freedom where people can play games all season and never really have to stop in their office or favorite bar or online. We could get behind communities facing insurmountable odds and see who will survive and lead their family and country down the field of life toward liberation and well-being. What many people are facing on our planet is much more challenging than any NFL teams front four.

One day a week just like for football we can wear gear that supports our cause and their commitment to social change. We can talk to each other in the aisles of our grocery stores about how amazing one action was this past week where clean water made it to a village. We could compare and brag about gains in our game of how people were able to adapt to latest wave of climate change and a community able to begin new projects providing survival and life supporting advances.

We can even learn more about the world and all become experts on earth and about how to measure how well we are and what else we need. During preseason, we can debate whether the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the best standard. We can compare how the UN Millennium Development Goals are more accurate. We could even throw in Bhutan model of Gross National Happiness. Then we can keep track during the Season of Social Change to see how life improves. We could even have different seasons based on themes like basketball and baseball dominate our consciences after the Super Bowl confetti has dropped. We can even have female seasons like WNBA. Women play a huge role in the global human rights and sustainable development so there is a good chance could dominate both leagues and even walk away with MVP.

Just like in the Super Bowl after your team wins you can be part of the festivities buying the whole package of super swag gear. You can wear T-shirts, hats and even commemorative dvd of the story of our Super people of social change and planet.

Of course, life is not a game.

Therefore, we should devote a little more of our time, talent and terrific taste to watching what else is going on in our world and getting behind the super people and planet sustaining our lives we are appreciating so much. We can acknowledge and appreciate those around the world working diligently to make a difference. So don’t be down that the football season is over. Get involved in the work of the world. Even Madonna ended her mega performance with World Peace emblazoning our minds.